Week 6 Reflection

I have had a great time learning from the teachers inside the preschool/daycare that I am doing my internship at. I have blessed with a bunch of educators that love what they do and also the director of the school that makes sure she provides an environment that promotes all the things any family would want in a facility. I think this is why the educators at this school are so enthusiastic about what they do. So, far I have observed and even helped with the instruction with the children that they serve. Today, I was there for two hours and I was very involved in what the teachers are doing inside the classroom while I am there. The children are starting to get used to my weekly visits and are less reserved while I am there.

Also, during my time there, I am becoming more confident in my own skills. The teachers that I am working with are encouraging and patient. They allow me to be hands on and include me in the morning happenings while I am there. In addition, I have learned some essential skills, like keeping the children engaged during instruction and how to be flexible with the curriculum. I have witnessed times when the teacher has to adjust her lesson to meet the varying needs of her students. and she does it with ease.

Furthermore, today, I was able to briefly talk to one of the therapist that comes in to work with one of the kids. She was very kind and works with the teachers, director, and parents, so that she is able to provide services to this child. One thing that I have noticed over the last few weeks is how involved everyone is when it comes to providing each child with everything the need to be successful academically and beyond. They look at the whole child and make sure that that their classroom reflects this. because of this, I am very delighted and know that I have much more that I can learn from them and my internship experience.


My Experiences during my Internship

During my last visit at my internship site, I learned a lot about the details and thought it takes to create a great lesson plan. One of the things that I have always wondered is about is how does a teacher decide what the want to teach. I know that there are a lot of different lesson plans available to teachers and I have seen a few. But are all these lesson plans created equal. So, far with my experience during my internship, I really enjoy observing during instruction. I have learned a lot about the components that go into making sure that the instruction a teacher uses hits all the mark’s for being developmentally appropriate.

During the Last couple of week’s I have observed some creative, informative and engaging instruction. The host teacher that I am working with is a veteran inside the field and it shows. She is very hands on and even with me. She does not just want to observing but working side by side with her so that I get the most out of this experience. Today, the instruction was about seeds. And the instruction was taught outside in a huge green space. My job was to help her teach the students as much as possible about seeds and planting them inside a garden or even a green space like what we were visiting.

I got to explore the green space and help encourage new concepts and help the students master the objectives of this lesson. I enjoyed my time at the school in which I am completing my internship. I have been able to work with my host teacher in encouraging knowledge and developing skills needed.

Issues In Education

Today, I had the great pleasure to sit own and talk with two veterans in the education field. One has been teaching for almost two decades, and the other is the Director of a preschool. In the interview, I just wanted to get their feedback on some of the issues that they face in this field. But before, I started, I shared my feelings on one issue that I had noticed in both my professional and personal life. This issue is, knowing the resources available when you feel that your child is not meeting their milestones. As a parent of a child that was diagnosed with speech and developmental delay at 2 1/2, if it was not for a great Pediatrician, I am not sure(because I was a first time parent) that I would have noticed anything was wrong until later then I did.

But, as I spoke with these two lovely women about their thoughts on issues that educators face, they gave me some great feedback. First, Mrs. Lopez, has been an educator for many years and one issue that she is very passionate about is early literacy. This is a subject that she feels is very important and is crucial to development. And the Mrs. Livergood, is the director of a preschool and she feels that there is not enough emphasis on early education and how important preschool is today. Both women had very important issues that they presented and really had me thinking about how these issues as a whole impacts learning.

Additionally, After talking with these women about these issues. I could see how they could be so passionate about their causes and how important these cause are in terms of development and academics. So, after interviewing these women, I had a better perspective on my cause and other cause equally as important.

Furthermore, it was nice to be able to network and get feedback from others inside the field of education. Being able to sit and learn from others, is what is going to help me grow as a teacher.