Thank you!

Throughout this course, which by the way is the last class in my degree program, I have learned a lot from my fellow classmates(Angela and Kristen). Part of this journey, my journey I have not only have been able to learn and grow with the professor of the class but my fellow peers too. the blog posting and also the discussion boards have helped me in two ways. First, I am able to learn new strategies and skills when it comes to working in the field of education. Secondly, I was able to learn more about relevant issues in the field. The issue that I chose was around special education. But with my peers, I am able to learn about other issues that are prevalent in the industry.

In addition, I feel that even though this is my last term at Kendall my professional career is just starting. I have learned so much from all my professors and my peers. I cannot communicate how important it has been to learn and grow with each of my classmates. Thank you!


Enlisting and Providing Support.

Looking forward to the final project I am both excited and nervous. I have so many ideas that I want to include and even multiple avenues to deliver my proposal. Trying to sift through it has been hard for me. The topic that I chose is in regard to special education in early education settings. Most private daycare setting that I have encounter really do not have an arsenal of resources beyond early intervention. But what are the options once a child ages out at three years old.

So, I am glad that I am able to read the blog/posts of my peer(s) in this class. this way I am able to get a better idea of the different platforms that I could deliver my presentation in. additionally, some resources that I am looking for are places that offer specialized services in the Chicago area.

Furthermore, I hope that I am able to create a presentation that is informative and can provide resources needed for the special education population.


First, when I think about being an advocate this was something that never had crossed my mind until I became a mother. At age two, my some was diagnosed with speech and developmental delay. This was a hard time for me because, I was a bit lost on where to start when it came to helping him. But once, I was able to pull resources, I could see how being his advocate/voice was important to his overall health at that moment and in the future. So, what inspires and excites me is that I have the potential to help others who may not know what resources are available for their personal situation. To know that I can help another is beyond gratifying.

In addition, as much as I am excited about being an advocate for the community and families I serve, does come with anxiety. When I advocated for my son, I was sure of what he needed because he was my son. But, when it comes to people I do not know very well, I would want to make sure that I am providing them with everything that their family needs. So, to overcome this, I feel that it is important on so many levels to keep the line of communication open. Not just listening but hearing others and the authentic messages that they are conveying.

Furthermore, I am encouraged by my peers. They help me see things in different ways and also are there to help me when I sometimes do not have all the right answers. So, I hope to one day also, be there for my peers and help them wen maybe they too need guidance. I have received contacts and new resources from my peers and with experience and time I hope that I will be able to do the same for others. Being an advocate for someone else is important so, I want to be able to provide the resources needed to all the families I serve.